Our History

Wandus Technology Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 19th April 2018. “The word ‘Wandus’ was created by our founder based on the magical wand stick”. He picked the word ‘wand’ and add with ‘us’ and created a new word ‘Wandus’. The combination words of ‘wand’ and ‘us’ mean ‘We’ll do the magic for you by converting your memories to our list of merchandise.

About Us

Wandus.com is being designed to provide online personalized merchandise services where users around the world can easily make their own customized merchandise based on their creativity at their own leisure.


To be number one personalised merchandise provider and the hub for designer’s community.


To provide easy and efficient services with reasonable price for personalised merchandise and to provide a platform for anyone with creative ideas to contribute their ideas and get paid.

Our Value – 3W’s

Our portal does the wizard to help users keep their memories and convert it in a form of printed merchandise.

Our product and services are being designed to give quality and satisfaction to customers as well as to the designers.

We constantly push ourselves to be the best in our service deliverable quality.

The Workflow

Our website is being designed to adopt standard e-commerce functionality to support our online business.

Users will logon to www.wandus.com and starts to design and customize their own merchandise such as t-shirt and others.

Invention of Creative Entrepreneur via Wandus.com

As part of our vision, we are creating an opportunity for anyone in the world to contribute their creative ideas with Wandus.com. Anyone can design and upload their design to our website. Their design can be selected by any other users around the world and to be used and printed on merchandise such as t-shirts.

Every time their design is being used by other users, they will get paid from Wandus.com. Our plan will boost the gig economy sector where anyone with creative ideas can contribute and be a creative entrepreneur with Wandus.com. Now, everyone can design and get paid.


User register themselves as designer with Wandus.com. No payment is required.


The designer upload their design to Wandus.com under Wandus Marketplace section. They can set the selling price for each design.


Wandus.com check and approve their design before register the design accordingly.


If other users choose a design on their custom t-shirt or merchandise, the designer who owns that design, will get paid.


Wandus.com keep track the number of times that design is being used by other users.


Designers will get the money into their account via STRIPE for every purchase made by the other users. Some % will be deducted to Wandus.com for admin and processing fee.