Join as a Designer

Being You Own Designer and Start Earning Online!’s vision is to be the preferred online merchandise in the world. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for the best talent out there.

Those who have passion in graphic designing, you are most welcome to register with us as our ‘Wandus Designer’. This is not a full time job and you manage your own time anytime and anywhere. The more template design you submitted to Wandus, the more chances that your design will be used by other users around the world. You’ll be paid every time your design is being used by other users on their custom t-shirt. Payment will be via STRIPE direct to your back account. For more details, please read our terms and condition upon registration as Wandus Designer.

Geographical location is not a boundary. We welcome talents from all over the world! Now, everyone can design and get paid!

How it Work?

How it Work?


User register themselves as designer with No payment is required


The designer upload their design to under Wandus Marketplace section. They can set the selling price for each design.

3 check and approve their design before register the design accordingly.


If other users choose a design on their custom t-shirt or merchandise, the designer who owns that design, will get paid.

5 keep track the number of times that design is being used by other users.


Designers will get the money into their account via STRIPE for every purchase made by the other users. Some % will be deducted to for admin and processing fee.